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All bowlers receive a $125 certificate to be used to toward any purchase at Players Corner Pro Shop!

There will be no bowling on May 29th Please call us to sign up! 630-898-5678 and we will assist you!

Players Corner Mixed League!

  • Monday        7 pm
Per Team
  • 4 per team        any mix
  • $20       per week
Meets and Start
  • April 29th
  • 15 weeks
  • ends 8/12
Call for information
  • 630-898-5678

Services available at Players Corner

Players Corner can meet your bowling servicing needs..

Ball Maintenance /Service

We use only manufactures recommended cleaners and polishes, on all of your equipment needs. All of your cover stock maintenance is done by hand to assure an even and thorough job.


Lessons/ Clinics

Players corner offers a structured, systematic, progressive teaching process designed to improve your bowling skills and increase your knowledge. The program includes: Videotape (before and after) Bowling analysis, Line and angle bowling, Adjusting to lane conditions, Scientific spare systems, Common faults and corrections, Aspects of the mental game, Attitude - Dealing with pressure And much more.



Our business philosophy is to put the needs of the customer first and foremost, by providing them with the best equipment and friendliest service their money can buy. We continually strive to keep up and exceed the standard of service that customers have come to expect from the Players Corner, by continuous training to keep up with the latest technologies for drilling and proper fitting of all of today's latest bowling equipment. With that being said Enjoy our site.


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